Regarding the future of research – specifically as it applies to Gonstead chiropractic: As a member of GCSS we know you are committed to specific adjusting and scientifically-based research. The GCSS Research Steering Committee is currently reorganizing our research effort  and is asking the membership to contribute, both intellectually and financially.

The Board of Directors is very committed to getting input from the Membership so that monies put forth are a reflection of your needs and concerns.  This is your opportunity to voice your opinion and suggestions.  Please take a moment and ponder the facets of Gonstead chiropractic that you feel may need: 1) illuminating 2) further study 3) specific case studies of, etc.  It is essential that you get back to us with your ideas so that the Committee can work with the project directors to fully implement an authoritative study.

Why Gonstead Chiropractic Research?

For well over one hundred years chiropractic has been very effective in helping patients with a wide variety of health concerns. Gonstead has been a leader in our profession as a scientifically based clinical technique.  No one can legitimately question this, yet as we enter the 21st century there still exist any number of questions about chiropractic and specifically about Gonstead chiropractic that have not been scientifically answered.  As Gonstead practitioners we have benefited greatly from the hard work and dedication of Dr. Gonstead, we now have an opportunity to pay forward his contributions.  No greater homage to our mentor exists than to scientifically illuminate and prove his life’s work.

This effort will benefit our community of patients, the Gonstead system and chiropractic as a whole. Please join forces with GCSS and help advance chiropractic.

What we specifically need from you is twofold; a clear set of questions that you would like explored to help clarify the Gonstead system and chiropractic and your direct financial support in bringing this research to fruition.  Research is expensive but there are organizations that offer grants; however, most of these are “matching funds” grants.  That means, if we have a project costing $200,000, we have to have at least $100,000 already in the till before they release the funds.  Currently, we have only $30,000 in the research fund.

How can you help?  There are several things you can do.  One is to enlist in the “Field of Dreams” program whereby you tithe a monthly amount (your choice); you can give a one-time donation or you could sponsor a “Patient Appreciation Day” or another type of benefit on behalf of GCSS. All donations are tax deductible!

Yes! I’m ready to help.

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I would  monthly “Field of Dreams” committment of:
Platinum Level – $100 per month
Diamond Level – $50 per month
Gold Level – $25 per month
Silver Level – $10 per month
E-mail or call her at 888-556-4277 with your credit card information or to tell us how you would like your monthly donattion processed.

I am sending a check made to Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
1280 17th Avenue, Suite 101
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Ø  Topics I feel are pertinent to the Gonstead system which need serious research are:
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Ø  I am willing to participate in clinical trials.
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Ø  I am interested in writing a case report on an intersting patient I have adjusted.
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