The GCSS Diplomate Program

The GCSS Diplomate Program is intended to continue the process of refining the doctors proficiency using the Gonstead System of analysis and correction. Gonstead chiropractors who achieve “Diplomate” status enjoy this distinction and its many benefits. The designation of GCSS Diplomate makes a clear statement of dedication and excellence.

GCSS Diplomates are doctors who have been practicing the Gonstead technique a minimum of five years, have attended at least 300 hours (200 post graduate study) of GCSS approved seminar instruction of the Gonstead technique and have taken both a written and practical examination that tests their advanced proficiency and understanding of the Gonstead work. A GCSS Diplomate is considered an elite practitioner who uses this system of chiropractic technique.

The purpose of the GCSS Diplomate-statusing program is to provide a structure whereby any chiropractor can progressively develop and refine their competency in the analysis, adjusting, and management of the chiropractic patient, as developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead. This process gives the doctor the training to face any type of presenting complaint or condition seen in practice. It is the foundation for any successful practice. To become a Diplomate, the class hours must be completed through your attendance of certified Gonstead teaching seminars or courses. You will be tested to verify that you have an accurate and broad-based knowledge of case management, x-ray listing system, analysis, etc. You will also be given 10 adjustment set-ups to perform. Having passed the requirements, you will be eligible to participate in a number of continuing growth-oriented programs.

The Diplomate Program has clinical Round Tables and technique session intensives, such as advanced instrumentation. It provides opportunities for you to participate as a qualified research contributor for projects such as that by AECC’s Elaine Peterson, or as an instructor for GCSS at its symposiums, seminars, workshops and Chiropractic College homecomings. You will be asked to help mentor other developing doctors by virtue of your experience as a successful Gonstead doctor. You will be a part of an effort to develop nationwide regions to accommodate the mentoring process.

Finally, the Program will collect and unite a common pool for contemporary clinical knowledge for the purpose of accelerating the development of specific vertebral analysis and adjustment in the profession at large.

As a Diplomate, your status will be listed in the GCSS Membership Directory for referral purposes. The status distinguishes those who have been actively developing their skills in the different regions of the world, from those less involved. It identifies you as someone to call if a doctor needs help on a challenging case, or if you want to form a regional group in order to practice your skills, refine your clinical thinking, or to just socialize with other experts.

Diplomate Application Packet

The Diplomate Application Packet contains the information you will need to begin and complete the Diplomate process. There is a section containing "what a Diplomate needs to know" as well as a "sample test." The questions can be used as a study guide. The packet is an Adobe file for easy downloading and reading. Download the Diplomate Application Packet. All applications and supporting materials must be received at least 30 days prior to the test date.

The Diplomate Committee encourages all interested doctors to continue to obtain the course work necessary to sit the examination and certify as a GCSS Gonstead Diplomate. If you are interested in applying for Diplomate certification or need mentoring or advice, please contact Dr. David Waller, Diplomate Program Committee Chair, by email

The GCSS College of Fellows Program

The Fellow Program offers a structure for continued development beyond Diplomate. It is the highest level of expertise in the GCSS. The Fellow program is open to Diplomates with not less than 595 approved hours in the study of Gonstead Chiropractic and elected to the College of Fellows by the College of Fellows and approved by the Board of Directors. Applicants must hold current membership in the GCSS for a minimum of three 3 years as a Diplomate. Other requirements include having previously attended thirty-five Gonstead Technique Seminars (2 of these seminars must have been within the previous year), 10 years of full-time postgraduate experience as a licensed Chiropractor practicing the Gonstead Technique and submit an application with a current and complete resume as well as a recommendation by 3 Fellows. Download the Fellow Application. Contact Dr. Charles Martin with questions and comments at

Both the Diplomate and Fellow Programs are fully controlled by GCSS. There are no outside institutions that will ever modify its content, direction or purpose. Numerous Diplomate and Fellow doctors set the course of the programs.

In summary, the Diplomate and Fellow Programs provide an organization of certified, experienced, Gonstead Doctors, from all backgrounds that interact with each other on a platform of mutual respect.

*Gonstead College of Fellows Annual Conference at the Annual Meeting of the Minds Seminar
This year, The Fellows will meet on Friday, October 20 between 1 pm and 5 pm in the Holtz Conference Room. For questions or comments regarding the College of Fellows please email Dr. Charles Martin at