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Doctors, Retired Doctors, and Students can be members. Why become a member of the GCSS? First and foremost by becoming a member you are supporting Gonstead chiropractic research.

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Gonstead Clinical Studies Society Membership Benefits

In addition to supporting Gonstead Chiropractic Research, there are many other benefits to membership.  Your continued support through membership also pays for this web site which helps disseminate information to promote Gonstead chiropractic. Plus, GCSS Doctor Members are entitled to:

The GCSS Membership Directory — Receive your personal copy of the Membership Directory - as a member you can download the Membership Directory right from this web site when you log-in at the Members section.

Web Site Directory — Your name and contact information is listed on this website in "Find a Member" located on the homepage. This information includes your e-mail and website address with links! We encourage you to link your site to (Try a Google search for “Gonstead” and see the #1 result . . .  GCSS of course, making this site the first one patients access to find a doctor!)

Referrals — You will receive referrals from inquiries to this web site by patients wanting to learn more about the Gonstead technique.

Classified Ads — Your classified ads posted to this web site at No Charge!

Newsletters — Receive The G-Note, a quarterly publication of on-going research and scientific articles pertinent to the Gonstead doctor delivered to your email inbox as an Adobe pdf document.

Receive The Scope, a quarterly newsletter that keeps you abreast of all that is happening in the Gonstead world and its members, plus clinical articles and tips delivered to your email inbox as an Adobe pdf document.

Research — Access to Research and cutting edge knowledge. Your membership dues and tax deductible contributions to the “Field of Dreams” Research Fund make research possible and assure that GCSS continues to publish clinical articles and research.

Members Only Section — Access the Members Area of this website where you can download the Membership Directory, read special research news, view Gonstead historical pages, read clinical articles.

GCSS Membership Certificate — Your membership certificate is sized for easy matting and framing should you want to display your commitment to the Gonstead work.

Invitations — Members receive invitations to participate in special events sponsored by the GCSS.

Membership is Annual

Membership is annual and based on the calendar year January through December. However, you can become a member at any time. The GCSS Membership Directory is published in January with an updated version published in June. To be included in the January publication, please submit your application by December 15. If you miss the December deadline, your information will be included in the June issue of the Membership Directory.

As soon as you have completed your on-line application and it has been accepted by the GCSS, your information will be posted in the “Find a Member” section of this web site. Membership Applications may also be downloaded as an Adobe pdf file and mailed to GCSS.

Who Benefits?

The Gonstead community of doctors and those patients seeking the best chiropractic care in the world! The GCSS Executive Office receives telephone calls from the general public looking for Gonstead doctors all over the world. If you are listed we can help make the connection between Gonstead Doctor and patient. All too often we receive calls from patients looking for Gonstead doctors in areas where we have no referrals. If you know any Gonstead doctors who are not members on this site, please encourage them to join. Help make that connection between doctor and patient.

By funding chiropractic research you play an important role in getting the research published. The goal of research is to scientifically validate what you do in your office every day!

We are all trying to make the world a healthier place to live, one spine at a time!

Membership Qualifications & Requirements

General Membership Qualifications

General Membership is open to any Doctor of Chiropractic who has attended at least one (1) Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic. General members shall have voting privileges. Student memberships are available and shall not have voting privileges.

Annual Membership Fee:

First year (in practice) doctors who submit a copy of their graduation diploma have a membership fee of $100.00.
Second year (in practice) doctors with a copy of their diploma have a membership fee of $125.00.
Doctors with 3 or more years in practice have an annual membership fee of $200.00.
Apply using the form below, or download the PDF version.

Retired Membership Qualifications — $50.00 Annual Membership Fee
Retired Membership is open to chiropractors that are retired or no longer practicing. Retired members shall not have voting privileges. To apply, fill out the form below or download the PDF version.

Student Membership Qualifications — $30.00 Annual Membership Fee
Student Membership is open to all persons currently registered in a Chiropractic College, who have or have not attended a Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic. A student shall have no voting privileges and is not eligible for Diplomate Certification. To apply, fill out the form below, or download the PDF version.

For other ways to donate to Gonstead chiropractic research click on this link Research Fund .

“The Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, a not for profit chiropractic organization, is dedicated to advancing the art, science, and philosophy of the Gonstead System of Chiropractic.”