Below are a few quotes from Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead. Some come from videotapes and audiotapes and others are well-known.

“Find the subluxation. Accept it where you find it. Correct it. Leave it alone.”

“It is amazing what one adjustment can do if applied right.”

“X-rays will not show nerve pressure.”

“X-rays will not show subluxation.”

“X-rays will show misalignment that might cause subluxation that causes nerve pressure.”

“Reposition the vertebra to take pressure off of the nerve and you will get sick people well.”

“If there is no nerve pressure to any gland or organ, the body can produce any drug it needs.”

“There is no such thing as a slipped disc; it’s impossible because it is attached to the vertebrae above and below. What is possible is the vertebra slipping on the disc.”

“I want you to be chiropractors, not manipulators.”

“The right number and kind of adjustments can set the stage for nature to heal; too many adjustments in the wrong place can undo any good that was done and slow down the healing mechanism.”

“You have to find the pinched nerve. You have to find the vertebra causing it. You have to have a scientific application to reposition the vertebra to take the pressure off of the nerve.”

“ONE of the most important skills a chiropractor needs to develop is the ability to find nerve pressure –to find it exactly, specifically, where it is on each patient. If a chiropractor is not removing nerve pressure, he is not practicing chiropractic. The science and art of removing nerve pressure, and the results obtained, will stand the scrutiny of even the most resolute opponent.”

“The principles of the Gonstead Method are the simple principles of chiropractic put to work; how to understand what causes nerve pressure, how to find it on the patient, how to achieve a corrective setting of the offending vertebra, and how to know when the chiropractor’s job is done, and nature’s begins.”

“Are you qualified to be a Specialist? If chiropractic is to survive, every chiropractor must be the specialist he is trained to be. The chiropractic specialty is removing nerve interference; it takes skill, precision, knowledge, and experience. It means understanding what causes nerve pressure, the ability to pinpoint nerve pressure and reducing the nerve pressure by correcting the subluxated vertebra.”

“A Gonstead correction of nerve pressure is more than just an adjustment . . . it is a scientific “setting” of the affected vertebra ONTO the disc below. It is of the utmost importance to be specific in the application of philosophy and especially the adjustment.”

“Practice. Practice. Practice. Never stop.”

“The most important part of getting people well is to take your time, give them the utmost of your ability as a chiropractor, find the correct subluxation. Accept it. Correct it. Leave it alone.”

Dr. Gonstead Has Said

First—“Spend all the time necessary to carefully and precisely find and correct a patient’s problem. Do not be in a hurry. Check and recheck your x-ray, your palpation, instrumentation, motion palpation, and visualization.”

Second—“Remember that Chiropractic always works. When it does not seem to, examine your application, but do not question the principle.”

Third—“Be prepared when demand for Chiropractic care increases. Study the spinal column and the nervous system every chance you get.”

“Our future will be our results.”