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The most complete biography ever written about Dr. Gonstead, his family, his offices, his trials and tribulations is here! Matthew Amman, DC has done exhaustive research for more than 15 years on Dr. Gonstead.

“Gonstead—The Adjustor” is unequivocally THE authority with never before seen pictures and documents.
This 414 page hard cover book includes color photos and measures 10.5 x 12
inches making it a perfect reception room or coffee table display.
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Editor’s comment:
“I think Clarence Gonstead needed someone to tell his story, and it looks like he found the right person.”
Best wishes, Scott   (Scott Mueller, PhD)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built by just one person. And so it is with the Gonstead technique. Though
C. S. Gonstead was the mind behind the magic, there were many others who actually formulated specifications, laid
the groundwork for teaching his ideas, designed his clinics, and worked together and in opposition, to have the
message be carried forward.

Dr. Matthew Amman’s book tells the “stories behind the stories.” In this highly researched chronology, we learn
how and exactly where Clarence Gonstead’s family arrived in America, what was happening in health care in his day
that forged his philosophies; and we get an insight into some of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that he
endured. Some myths are uncovered and insightful questions are asked.

Never has there been such a complete biography available about this incredible healer and the sequences of
events that sparked the scientific minds of his time and beyond. This is a chiropractic must read especially for
Gonstead practitioners!
—Jeanne Taylor, DC Executive Director—Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Gonstead Book Cover

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