The Troxell Intern Program continues it’s dedication to changing lives through education, promoting and utilization of the Gonstead System of Chiropractic.  Classes are taught on Palpation, Instrumentation, X-ray, Technique, Extremities and Case Management. There are weekly open workshops for students and doctors on Wednesday and Friday nights at the clinic which is located in Park View, Iowa, just 15 minutes from Palmer College in Davenport. After dedicated study in the Gonstead work, students have the option of becoming a Troxell Intern.  Dr. J. Larry Troxell’s program has been promoting Dr. Gonstead’s work since 1968!  This program offers students a training facility to become accomplished chiropractor’s by studying and using Dr. Gonstead’s work.

The Troxell Intern Program is at Lawlor Family Chiropractic in Park View, Iowa.
616 Park View Plaza
Eldridge Iowa 52748
Phone: 563-285-8230
Fax: 563-285-8230

Website: then to Troxell Intern Program drop-down.