Meeting of the Minds-IX 2012
Upper Cervical Segments and Pelvic Ring: A Detailed Focus
Logan College of Chiropractic, Chesterfield, Missouri

Great seminar! It was really nice to be around friendly people who care to preserve, spread, and further the Gonstead technique. The hotel and location was great, thanks to all who had a hand in putting these meetings together.
David Moore, DC – Bentonville, AR

Enjoyed the Meeting of the Minds. I was extremely impressed with the presentations and the attendees. I will be back in Davenport in 2013 and then on to the races. Thanks for the knowledge, education and great Doctors who were present. I have always felt blessed to have known Dr. Gonstead and to put his methods to use healing the sick and injured.
William Eriksen, DC – Elizabethtown, KY

My first weekend was great.  Awesome facilities, organized seminar, and great speakers with a very diverse range of topics.  The best part was having some non-Gonstead presenters, and then being able to discuss later, as a group, why we do things the way we do them.  The non-Gonstead presenters forced us to think outside the box, and then ultimately helped reinforce our way of thinking as we discussed other technical approaches to patient problems.

As something to improve, I would say let’s give the attendees a wireless weekend-pass code for mobile devices.  Logan has regular wireless login for students, but also for guests in the form of a “day-pass” wireless code.  Making sure the seminar attendees have this code at whatever future facilities we have seminars, would be a plus, as the regular cellphone signals were weak inside the building.
Mark A. Ford, DC – Oskaloosa, IA

I really like how we are reaching out to the other parts of our profession to help us learn about their techniques but even more so to look at ourselves and to make sure we stay objective in our approach to taking care of patients.
Stuart Hoven, DC – Winterset, IA

Another well rounded and informative event. The passion my colleagues have for this profession fill my heart and allow me to be a better chiropractor. Sharing is what it’s all about.
Tracy Gabbert, DC – Glendive, MT

Best Mom Yet this one really resonated with me.  I understand that it is difficult to keep the presenters within their time allotment; however, I prefer this as it keeps them mindful of being concise and it tends to keep the interest level high with the rich variety of topics.Great Job!
Perry Chinn, DC – Tacoma, WA

My favorite part is when the audience simply starts to discuss/debate issues.  I think we should have a true “round table” format for a couple of the sessions.  Really – a BIG ROUND circle (is there any other kind?)  So we wouldn’t have to be turning around or completely sideways to see and hear everyone’s comments. I liked that we were given the opportunity to look into the basics of other techniques.  The facilities and amenities were wonderful at Logan.
Jeanne Taylor, DC – Santa Cruz, CA

Ayn Rand defined happiness as “the successful state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” I’m happy to know that I’m not alone in my values; that other chiropractors value the integrity of the nervous system and value a precise correction of any interference to the normal function of the nervous system.

Ayn Rand defined happiness as “the successful state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” I’m happy to know that I’m not alone in my values; that other chiropractors value the integrity of the nervous system and value a precise correction of any interference to the normal function of the nervous system. I also appreciate the opportunity to see the various teaching institutions and to learn their take on the current state of the profession. Respectful discourse and challenges to one’s premise of practice sharpens one’s thinking.
S. Brian Crum, D.C.- Holland, PA

Meeting of the Minds-VII 2010
“Aspects Of The Chiropractic Subluxation:
The Physiological, The Clinical and Theoretical”
Sherman Chiropractic College, Spartanburg, SC

I wanted to share a bit of my personal experience concerning attending the recent Meeting of the Minds Seminar.

First, it was the first Meeting of the minds Seminar I have attended. Second, it was the best chiropractic seminar I attended in the last ten years.

It was clinically applicable to the first patient that walked in the door Monday morning.  Refocused on spending more time isolating the subluxation, I have had many patients just this first week after the seminar, say, following their adjustment, “Why didn’t you do that before, I feel ten times BETTER!”  By the way, by saying that, they meant that they “felt better”; better, energy, better sleep, a greater sense of well being as well as a reduction of symptoms.

In addition, it was excellent fellowship with real Gonstead chiropractors.  The ultimate “pit class” or technique review class in particular provided an honest and comfortable forum for even the most experienced Gonstead chiropractor to ask any question as well as show any variation of textbook technique without any fear of negative feedback.  The only criticism was of a very constructive nature, which to me summarizes the heart or intent of the seminar in general, and the heart and intent of the member doctors in particular.

All of the presenting doctors brought forth clinical pearls that were informative and helped me see where my strengths and weaknesses lie.  It would seem that of the Science, Art and Philosophy, the three legged stool that forms the foundation of our profession, I have been extremely unbalanced, leaning mostly on the leg of (arguably) “Artistic expression”.

Thanks for such an enlightening experience, it truly was a Meeting of the Minds.

— Roger S. Heschong, D.C., GCSS Fellow — Roan Mountain, TN

Meeting of the Minds V – 2008
“Combining the Art, Science
and Philosophy of Gonstead Chiropractic”

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Minds at Life Chiropractic College-West, Hayward, CA on October 11-12, 2008 was a great success. Here are a few comments.

“I want to give a very big thank you to all those who organized and taught at MoM’s V. It was a fantastic weekend, well run, full of comradery of like minded chiropractors, based on our pure philosophy, strengthened by developments in our science and a catalyst to develop our art. The discussions on new research projects was very simulating. We now must get to work and further prove what Dr. G did all along in his practice that we now share. Our future is very bright if we hold fast to the principle as we take his work and advance it for the sake of sick and suffering humanity. See you at the next MoM’s.”
— Steven Rindal, DC—Mount Vernon, WA

(As stated to Dr. Clum)
“This was my first meeting of the minds. The mix of scientific information as it applies to Gonstead Chiropractic and how we can apply that in daily practice was awesome. I also loved the integration of philosophy and the science behind it, as well as hearing stories about Dr. Gonstead and other old time chiros.”
— David Ginsberg, DC—Geneva, IL

“We all had a very inspiring experience there. MOM is a format that is unique in chiropractic in that it is only for the very experienced and those with a Diplomate or higher status in Gonstead. Everyone there is, to some degree, a leader or teacher level chiropractor, some being more “guru” level. We are concerned as a group that the subluxation is attacked to such a degree within our own profession. It was great to see that at LCC-W the subluxation is alive and well. The elite few in our profession that control education and publishing are our biggest threat to subluxation focused practice. They want to all but get rid of x-rays and treatment for anything other than pain. We are motivated as a group to support the patient’s right to receive chiropractic care for HEALTH CARE and not just sick care. We appreciate you getting the equipment together for us prior to the seminar for the student workshop. We feel it is important to continue to connect with them.”
— Mark Lopes, DC—Chico, CA

“When 1000 years of Gonstead chiropractic experience assembles in one room for a weekend of sharing and learning, your life is going to change!”
— Peter T. DeLoe, DC—Pittsford, NY

“This was my third MOM.  I was excited to see the diversity of topics covered.  I love the challenging patients that come my way because of practicing the Gonstead system and I am glad that the MOM is as enthusiastic about challenging me as well.   Thanks for another great meeting.  Looking forward to next year!”
— Lydia Dever, DC—Kennesaw, GA

“The Gonstead MoM-V was great. It was like a homecoming for me seeing several doctors that I have lost touch with over the years. I am really interested in the new direction of the Gonstead research. The new research Director seems excited and ready to go. Without research and documentation, we loose our validity and the profession moves more away from real chiropractic. Thank you for continuing Gonstead Chiropractic and keep up the good work.”
—James Myshka, DC—Fayetteville, AR

“Meeting of the Minds is ALWAYS my FAVORITE seminar of the year.  It’s the only seminar that has a collection of chiropractors with 20+ years of experience in a forum type setting.  I always learn so much and confirm that Gonstead IS chiropractic.  No matter where in the country it is, I will not miss.”
—Rocco Perugini, D.C.—Mukwonago, WI

I found MOM-V to be a symposium with engaging topics, excellent participant interaction, and thoughtful topical consideration of how best to apply Gonstead technique for the purpose of best patient outcomes.  Good group of doctors both presenting and seeking answers to the germain questions of practice and case management. I enjoyed the weekend immensely.
—Todd Teicheira, DC—Bend, OR
Hi Charlie, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I know it is a tremendous amount of work to put on a program like that. It was very encouraging to be surrounded by like minded people. Some times I can feel so isolated just plugging away. I need to get back to teaching up here and not let the school discourage me. Any way thanks again its nice to see the GCSS getting stronger.
—Scott Conklin—Portland, OR

I cannot describe how amazing this years MOM seminar was!  Each year is better than the last.  I leave each seminar thinking that this years seminar cannot be outdone and it then it is!  I know of no other seminar a Gonstead Doctor could attend that will enrich your philosophically, challenge you clinically, and build lifetime friendships all in one week-end seminar.
—Jim McFadden, DC—Sewickley, PA

The recent MOM-V event was my first time at MOM, and I loved it! It was very enjoyable to be amongst such great chiropractic minds, so dedicated to their craft… and as is usually the case with brilliant minds, they are often funny as hell. The classes were very interesting, practical and thought provoking.
I look forward to being there next year.
—Marvin Kunikiyo, DC—Roy, WA

Meeting of the Minds IV – 2007
“Visceral and Organic Conditions
Advanced Spinal Case Management”

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Minds at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA on October 13-14, 2007 was a great success. Here are a few comments.

“I went to MOM this year anticipating that I would enjoy it as I had in the past. MOM IV was much more than just a gathering of top level Gonstead practitioners. I believe that MOM IV will be thought of as a turning point for Gonstead in the future. The master mind of this group that appears to be developing is exciting to experience. We embraced and challenged the presenters and they challenged us. An advancement of Gonstead chiropractic will eventually emerge out of this yearly interaction that I believe will influence the future of Gonstead profoundly. We also took significant steps toward restoring our research mission with specific plans that will likely come to fruition. I look forward to MOM V with great expectations.”
—Mark Lopes, DC—Chico, CA

“I have looked for 20 years for a weekend class that would review all the neurology that I learned in chiropractic college and couldn’t find it until MOM IV.  It was a complete review, very thorough and to the point.  It should be required for relicensure. Excellent job!!!!.”
—Rick Elbert, DC—Ames, Iowa

If you have been in practice less than twenty years, if you have created a nice life for yourself through utilizing the Gonstead system, then payback and support research and student development as well as contribute to the advancement of the Gonstead system itself.  Become a Gonstead Diplomate.
That said I had the honor and pleasure of spending the weekend on the campus of Palmer College at M.O.M. IV with 40+ amazing Gonstead Doctors.  Our discussions ran the gamut from “Old School” Dr. G. and the Clinic Restoration Project to graduate level Arthrology and cutting edge concepts including Brain-based Chiropractic.  I remain honored and humbled to be a part of this group and I hope to see you there next year.”
—Patrick Ryan, DC—Randolph, NJ

“The seminar was fantastic. Now, all us old duffers know why we got such excellent results as the brilliant young doctors explained the neurology.”
—G. Douglas Valentine, DC, Ph.C.—Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“It was great seeing everyone again.  The meeting was a very insightful and informative.  It is always energizing to interact with such a dynamic group of dedicated Gonstead practitioners, and I look forward to future meetings.  Very encouraging to have such a big turnout of students at the Friday night session.  Kudos to all for another great MoM!!
—Larry Hurd, DC—Kansas City, MO

“Dr. Tom Sherman said it best: “It’s a privilege to sit in a room full of doctors who agree on the importance of the nervous system, who agree on the analysis and correction of the vertebral subluxation.”  Indeed it was a privilege: one that I look forward to repeating next year.”
—Brian S. Crum, DC—Holland, PA

“MoM IV proved that neuroanatomy CAN be fun and exciting!  The knowledge the speakers possess was mind -boggling, and I’m grateful for their expertise and ability to translate this complex science of why an adjustment works into easy to understand nomenclature.  I’m certainly looking forward to MoM V in the San Francisco Bay Area next year.”
—Jeanne Taylor, DC—Santa Cruz, CA


Meeting of the Minds III
Kansas City, MO
October 14-15, 2006

“I thought the MOM III was the best ever!!  Dr. Herbst was absolutely fantastic.  His reflections about Dr. Gonstead were enlightening.  His presentation on the disc was the best regarding the disc degeneration I have ever heard in 28 years of practice.  The afternoon presentation with more information on the disc, the information why pain and dysfunction occur with disc herniation and why the disc herniation will never heal unless the lumbar and pelvic subluxations are corrected  put everything in perspective for treating my patients and why spinal surgery is a salvage operation at best.”
—Rick Elbert, DC—Ames, IA

“This Meeting of the Minds was truly as it is billed.  The turn-out was great, to have 40 top level Gonsteaders there at once!  Dr. Herbst was a real treat; having personally witnessed 500,000 adjustments by Dr. Gonstead and picked his brain for 5 years to write the chapters.  The fact that he had not taught in a seminar in 30 years is such a loss.  We should include him in other MOM’s.  The research discussion with Cheryl Hawk, DC, the panel discussion and presentations on the disc, and the two flexion-distraction practitioner’s presentations were valuable considerations.  This group makes one think and challenges us to be the best we can.”
 —Mark Lopes, DC—Chico, CA

“What a pleasure it was to hear Dr. Herbst discuss the origins of the chapters during his five years at the Gonstead Clinic and to especially hear some of the stories about Dr. Gonstead and how he handled different types of cases”.
—Herb Wood, DC— Colorado Springs, CO

“Great to see such great participation in Meeting of the Minds III–there was an excellent exchange of thoughts and discussions which were beneficial to the entire group.  Looking forward to MOM IV next year!”
—Larry Hurd, DC—Kansas City, MO

“The day was great.  Using the experience of seasoned doctors in an open format that allows mind enhancing dialogue is very beneficial.  There were ideas to ponder and work one’s mind around mixed with practice applications that could be put into practice on Monday morning!  In all it was one fantastic weekend.”
—Stuart Hoven, DC—Des Moines, IA

“As Chiropractors utilizing the principles of Dr. C.S. Gonstead I see a very bright future. The world of science and research has certainly begun to embrace our work.”
 —David Geary, DC—Burnsville, MN

“I had a wonderful time at MOM.  Dr. Herbst did an absolutely remarkable job. His presentation was as eloquent as his book. I hope he writes another book on the art of chiropractic. . . a sort of refinement of the Gonstead Technique. His credibility as an inquisitive student of chiropractic, utilizing the tools he learned from CS Gonstead, was very evident. Furthermore, I wish he’d take up a teaching post at a Chiropractic College. He has enormous academic talent that I fear will go without notice. The significance of his academic contribution by writing the “Chapters” parallels D.D. Palmer’s first book on chiropractic.  Is he possible of more? YES!”
—Matt Amman, DC—Oak Creek, WI


Meeting of the Minds I
Bettendorf, IA – October 2004

“As a new Diplomate, it was great to meet and share with quality Gonstead Doctors.  Meeting with experienced doctors can only help each of us grow and better serve our patients.  I know I came away from the MOM with some new ideas that will make me a better Gonstead Doctor.  I’m looking forward to future meetings.”
—David Jenson, DC—Algona, Iowa

“The MOM was very enjoyable sharing ideas with fellow old-time Gonstead boys. I feel this will be a great way on a yearly basis to keep abreast with all dedicated Gonstead doctors. I would like to see a higher attendance than what we had but overall it was very enjoyable. It brought back a lot of memories from the past that had slipped my mind. It can’t help but promote Dr G’s work which I feel is critical for the profession today.”
—G. Doug Valentine, DC Ph.C.—Cedar Rapids, IA

“I really thought with everyone there who spent so much time with Dr. G, it was like he was there with us”.
—J. Larry Troxell, DC —Parkview, IA

“If a doctor qualifies to attend the Gonstead Meeting of the Minds but has a doubt or reservation about attending, one word of advice is all that is necessary—Go.”
—Charles Martin, DC—Monterey, CA