Are you overwhelmed by the hundreds of both chiropractic and medical textbooks out there and don’t know which are the most helpful? This series will highlight the most useful books for the Gonstead chiropractor. The books described below have been out for a while. Many of you might have them already, but many more of you probably do not and it would be worth your while to read them. You should be able to order any of these books at a chiropractic college bookstore, most of which do mail-order. If you have any favorite textbooks that help you in your practice or increase your clinical knowledge, please bring them to our attention.

Basic and Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and ANS.
Gregory D. Cramer, D.C.; Susan A. Darby, Ph.D (eds)
Mosby. 1995. pp.441. US$110
ISBN: 0-8016-6467-5
This book has been out for nearly 10 years, but it’s a book that is one of the best references of its kind and by and is geared to chiropractors. If any of you have heard lectures by Dr. Cramer, this book exhibits his clear, understandable style of teaching neural sciences. The text and illustrations are first rate. The authors cover the anatomy of the spine and detail the neuroanatomy associated with the spine. Clinically useful information has already been highlighted in the book! This book is a “must have.”
Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Surface Anatomy of the Back and Vertebral Levels of Clinically Important Structures.
Ch 2. General Characteristics of the Spine
Ch 3. General Anatomy of the Spinal Cord
Ch 4: Muscles that Influence the Spine
Ch 5: The Cervical Region
Ch 6: The Thoracic Region
Ch 7: The Lumbar Region
Ch 8: The Sacrum, Sacroiliac Joint, and Coccyx
Ch 9: Neuroanatomy of the Spinal Cord
Ch 10: Neuroanatomy of the Autonomic Nervous System
Ch 11: Pain of Spinal Origin
Ch 12: Development of the Spine and Spinal Cord
Ch 13: Microscopic Anatomy of the Zygapophyseal Joints and Intervertebral Discs

Atlas of Common Subluxations of the Human Spine and Pelvis
William J.Ruch, D.C.
CRC Press 1996. pp.229 Out of Print?
ISBN: 0-8493-3117-X
This book by the dissection instructor at Life Chiropractic College West was published in 1996 and has already been purchased by many chiropractors who have seen its value. The author compares anatomical dissections with x-ray or other images of those same specimens. As you go through the book, plain film x-rays findings that we commonly see can have neuropathological significance. It’s pretty shocking. It makes an excellent patient education tool for the consequences of not correcting subluxations. If you don’t have this book, why don’t you?
Table of Contents
Ch 1: Normal Human Spine: Structure and Dynamics
Ch 2: Pathophysiology of the Human Spine
Ch 3: Subluxations of the Cervical Spine
Ch 4: Subluxations of the Thoracic Spine
Ch 5: Subluxations of the Lumbar Spine
Ch 6: Subluxations of the Pelvic Girdle