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X-Ray Corner

(From the March 2006 The “G”Note)

These lumbar x-rays were cropped from AP and lateral full spine x-rays taken by Dr. Randal Johnson of Monterey, California. He recently shared these at the February Monterey Bay Gonstead Clinical Studies Society meeting.

This patient is a 23 year old male.

1. What pathological process do you see going?

2. What type of physical activity cause the pathological process that is occurring in this young male patient?

Would you want your child to have a spine like this in their twenties? If not, find out what this young man did as a youth.

Answers are below.

X-ray Corner-a-03-06X-ray Corner-b-03-06

ANSWER: On primarily the lateral film, you can see breakdown of the vertebral bodies and endplates. This young man had been an avid snowboarder since age 11.

Chiropractically, he has responded well symptomatically to adjustments of L5. Unfortunately, his current occupation is as a building remodeler. He has been advised to find less physical work. He was given a heel lift.

Similar findings can be found in young people with immature spines who ride in rodeos on broncing bulls and horses and other similar activities that cause hard and frequent long axis compression. If you know a youth who engages in these activities, you might advise them of future complications.

I don’t know about you, but I cringed while watching the aerial freestyle skiier perform in the 2006 Torino Olympics. Their spines must be horrible.

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