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Severe Sacral Subluxation

(From the March 2007 The “G”Note)

This is a case of a 49-year-old female who presented to our office with acute low back pain. She stated that she fell and did the “splits.”

Initial lumbar x-rays of 9/18/06 (see image below)
– sacral subluxation P-L 14
– In-Ex ilia: obturator changes (compensation)
– asymmetrical pelvic inlet
– lumbar vertebral body rotation (compensation)

1st post-x-rays of 10/2/06 (see image below)
– progressive reduction of sacral subluxation (measurable misalignment)
– patient reports 50% improvement

2nd post-x-rays of 10/18/06 (see image below)
– sacral subluxation reduced
– compensations reduced
– patient asymptomatic

Initial lumbar x-rays of 9/18/06. Note the appearance of the obturators and the degree of sacral rotation.


First lumbar post-x-rays of 10/2/06. Note the changes to the sacrum and ilia.


Second lumbar post-x-rays of 10/18/06. Note how the obturators are near identical in shape and the reduction of sacral rotation.

Comment: Only the Gonstead System can make this correction!

Many thanks to Dr. Vance for this and the other cases that he has submitted. One can readily see the power of carefully applied chiropractic adjustments via the Gonstead Technique by an excellent chiropractor.

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