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Inferior-Anterior Humerus

(From the September 2008 “G”Note)

This 66-year-old male presented to our office with acute right shoulder pain. He stated that he tripped and landed on his right shoulder while playing tennis.

INITIAL EXAMINATION: Upon examination, the right shoulder range of motion was limited and painful. Bruising was evident on the upper arm and shoulder. This condition is characterized by an inferior misalignment of the humerus in relation to the glenoid cavity.

INITIAL X-RAY: AP x-rays of the right shoulder revealed a 16 mm inferior displacement of the humerus in the cavity.

CARE: Five adjustments were given to the right shoulder between 7/2/08 and 8/11/08. Some pain was experienced on the first shoulder adjustment, but it produced substantial relief. T1 was adjusted at a PL-sp.

POST-EVALUATION: Post-x-rays of the right shoulder measured an 8 mm space. During the examination, ROM was normal and without pain. The patient was asymptomatic.

The correction of this shoulder misalignment was done as is described in Chapter 20: “Adjusting the Extremities” (pp.276-277) in The Science and Art of Gonstead Chiropractic by Roger W. Herbst, D.C.

Inferior-Anterior Humerus-a-09-08Inferior-Anterior Humerus-b-09-08

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