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Clinical Practice & Cases: Alternative Lumbosacral Spondylolisthesis Adjustment

(From the December 2008 “G”Note)

Dr. Tom Vance would like to remind us of an effective adjustment for the subluxated lumbosacral spondylolisthesis, particularly when other adjustment are not effective, such as, the typical side posture adjustment (of course, one must rule out a primary subluxation at another spinal level). The HyLo table is an alternative to the side posture adjustment when a subluxation is noted at a spondylolisthetic lumbosacral level. As in the side posture adjustment, LOC is similar and vital to get the best setting. The thoracic piece is locked in order to stabilize the spine above. The adjustment is a quick thrust and hold.

Just because a person has a spondylo’that may be accompanied by lower back pain, doesn’t mean that the spondylo’ is the subluxation that needs to be adjusted. The subluxation could be anywhere: “find it, accept it where you find it…”

Chiropractor practicing adjustment on model of spine

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