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Gonstead Independent Contractor Position Available- Central Pennsylvania

Don’t be limited to poor paying associate positions.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE!!

Amazing opportunity to become a part of a high volume, principled Gonstead Clinic just outside beautiful State College, Pennsylvania.  Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic has been thriving in this community for 34 years by the lead of Dr. Anthony Marrara (Dr. Tony), a 1987 Palmer main campus graduate.  Dr. Tony worked closely under the well known Dr. Larry Troxell at his clinic during his time at Palmer, and also participated in the Palmer Gonstead Club.  Dr. Tony was the head intern of the Troxell Intern Program during his time at Palmer.  He is also a past lecturer/teacher for GMI (Gonstead Methodology Institute).  To this day, the clinic is a highly principled Gonstead office.  As a new doctor, working alongside Dr. Tony and Dr. Jesse Bathgate (2021 Palmer main campus graduate), you will be given the opportunity to grow quickly without worrying about marketing, as the name Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic will bring patients in for you. Of course any marketing you would like to do for yourself is encouraged.  This is an independent contractor position, so it compensates for what you do, which in a practice of this magnitude is better than most associate positions offered today.  Also, Dr. Tony is taking more and more time off as the years go on, which leaves more opportunity to see even more patients.  Possibilities are endless, no ceiling here!!

If interested, please contact Dr. Tony at 814-571-8495 for more details.