Multidisciplinary Clinic looking for Associate Doctor in Madrid, Spain

The clinic has 1 US trained Chiropractor (Gonstead proficient, Pediatric and Sport Certified), 1 Physical Therapist and 1 Medical Doctor (as medical director due to current (a)legal Chiropractic situation in Spain), Varied patient base: from newborns to geriatrics, athletes, pregnant, handicap, etc.

Emphasis on analysis and diagnostic techniques based on physical exam (ortho, neuro, radio, etc) and Chiropractic (Gonstead and Functional Neurology). Chiropractic adjustment for the VSC primarily based on specific osseous adjustment using Full Gonstead protocol. Rehab based on Functional Neurology, FNOR (, Pettibon, etc.

Looking for serious, professional candidates with mid- to long-term plan for complete integration into our clinic. Must speak Spanish and have EU nationality or Work/Residence Permit.

Please send CV to