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We believe in practicing in a setting of a clearly defined system of administering chiropractic care that repels stress, that is fun, where patients get real measurable results, where they appreciate what chiropractic care is doing for them, where they understand the chiropractic message, where they refer their family and loved ones, where lives are changed, and where one earns a living that our profession is worthy of.

We are an organization based on chiropractic principles with correction of spinal subluxation at the core of our approach. We use the Gonstead system of analysis and adjusting techniques. We use a feeder room arrangement and adjusting room display screens for our digital x ray system.

We have a high value for teamwork, with mentoring for case management, clinical protocols and procedures, patient communication skills, and philosophical concepts.

We have a high value for proper rest and recreation, as well as giving our patients and our profession the diligence and quality of performance that they are worthy of.

We have a committed support team to maximize your growth and success.

We offer a great income with increasing percentages based on increased production plus goal-achievement bonuses, with a $1500/month minimum.
Our work hours are arranged in shifts with weekends off. We offer annual paid vacation time.

Please send your curriculum vitae along with your 3 to 5 year goals. New graduates and experienced doctors alike are encouraged to apply. Come be a part of the extraordinary work happening at TVC! Email or call 423-508-4975.