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Perpetuating the teachings of Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, funding chiropractic research, and encouraging cooperation and camaraderie amongst all who practice the Gonstead technique.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organizastion, helping protect & defend The Gonstead System

X-Ray Equipment for Sale in Ogden, IA

Contact Rick Elbert, DC
$ 3,000.00

1 Raytheon 14x36 wall mount X-ray bucky with tray for smaller cassette
1 Mini Medical X-ray processor by AFY Imaging Corp with stand and 6 gallon tanks for fixer and developer
A-P and Lateral Gonstead full spine split screen 400 sp green film cassettes
2 14x17 400 sp green film cassettes
2 10x12 400 sp green film cassettes
1 and 1/2 box of 14x36 green X-ray film
1/2 box of 14x17 green X-ray film
1/2 box of 10x12 green X-ray film
1 box of X-ray Developer
1 box of X-ray Fixer
$3,000 for evrything. All of this equipment will fit in the back of a pickup truck. I will help you load it.
Contact: Rick Elbert D.C. 329 West Walnut Ogden, Iowa 50212 Office phone 515-275-4899 Cell 515-450-1396
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