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Falls Clinic of Chiropractic has spent the past 8 years taking great care of the Wichita Falls community and the surrounding North Texas/Oklahoma region. A combination of great patient results as well as a high volume of new patients has led to the need to bring in another doctor to serve our patients.
This is a perfect fit for an experienced doctor who wants to get back to the basics of educating and treating patients in a team environment that they are not responsible for running. It is also a great fit for a newer doctor who is humble and open to learning how to produce high level care and do so with a high volume of patients. Our standards of care and teamwork are high, so we are looking for someone who cares about office culture and is committed to ensuring that they get patients the best care possible. This is not for a doctor who doesn’t have a passion for chiropractic care.
Send us a resume and a cover letter to Please include a 2-4 paragraph narrative on what you love about being a chiropractor.